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Interkulturelle Tage 2018
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About us



The 1990 founded Ausländerrat Dresden is advocating for people with a migration background in Dresden. The aim of its work is the support of the cultural, social and political integration of migrants and the strengthening of their self-representation. The international meeting center (IBZ - Internationales Begegnungszentrum) is home to a counselling center for migrants and offers rooms for the mobile counselling project for refugees and for childcare and youth services.

We regulary host cultural events, discussion evenings, language and drum courses as much as sports or music activities in the IBZ. The Ausländerrat Dresden is the coordinator of the intercultural days and the commemoration ceremony for Jorge Gomondai that take place once a year. With our project "overcoming barriers" we visit schools to talk to students about issues like migration, refuge and racism. We also offer homework support to children and adolescents.

Our members come from over 25 countries, additionaly the work of the association is enriched by people of other cultures.


Our Goals

  • to build a relationship that is affected by understandig and acceptance between the different nationalities and cultures domestic in dresden

  • to hold a position of responsibility and to increase public awareness of problems migrants have to deal with

  • a modern demogratic integration policy in Dresden

  • to break down prejudices and reduce violance against migrants

  • to fight against racism, discrimination and war policy

We speak the following languages:
Arabic, Azerbaijanian, German, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian, Vietnamese


You can find our statute via PDF: Download (German)

Contact Persons:


In Am Sayad Mahmood

Chairwoman of the board


Sebastian Vogel

Sebastian Vogel


The work of our association is promoted by the

  • City of Dresden (youth welfare office, office for cultural affairs, social welfare office, local action program for demogracy and tolerance and against extremism)
  • Agentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency),
  • Aktion Mensch
  • Aufwind Kinder- und Jugendfonds Dresden e.V.
  • Bürgerstiftung Dresden
  • Landesprogramm Weltoffenes Sachsen für Demokratie und Toleranz